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Will this affect the 1 July Fair Work updates?

Yes, these changes will take effect for the 1 July Fair Work update, where the national minimum wage will increase by 4.6% — for the awards listed at the end of this article, the increase will take effect on 1 October. Remember, you must manually update the base hourly rate in Deputy.

Depending on your chosen payroll provider, you may also want to check that the new pay rates are in your payroll system. Please refer to this helpful guide if you need to update the timesheet export codes in Deputy.

We’re here to help.

If you require further assistance, please contact our team once logged in to your Deputy account.

Awards where the increase to the national minimum wage will take effect on 1 October 2022:

  • [MA000049] AEA – Airport Employees Award
  • [MA000092] ARA – Alpine Resorts Award
  • [MA000009] HIGA – Hospitality Industry (General) Award
  • [MA000119] RIA – Restaurant Industry Award
  • [MA000058] RLCA – Registered and Licensed Clubs Award

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