Mark John Manghi

Administrative Assistant | Mortgage & Finance Support Officer

Mark works as Administrative Assistant and Mortgage & Finance Support Officer at AFP.

As an Administrative Assistant, he primarily provides essential administrative support to the firm. This involves assisting with a diverse range of office tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. Moreover, he contributes to general office management responsibilities, such as organizing files and offering support to other team members whenever necessary.

As a Mortgage & Finance Support Officer, Mark assists clients with gathering all the documentation required for mortgage applications. This includes carefully inputting client data and financial information into the mortgage processing system to ensure accuracy and completeness. In addition to these responsibilities, he actively collaborates with mortgage brokers to facilitate the smooth processing of mortgage applications.

With over five years of working experience as an accounting staff, during which he gained valuable expertise in various administrative/accounting staff tasks and responsibilities, he also has one and a half years of experience as an inventory supervisor.

Mark thoroughly enjoys engaging in various activities that keep him active and fulfilled. Among his favourite hobbies are working out to stay physically fit, cooking delicious meals, playing basketball to stay competitive and socialize, riding his motorcycle for a sense of freedom and adventure, and exploring different places to experience new cultures and landscapes. He does so by travelling on his motorcycle.

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