Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning is a complex yet necessary element of your overall financial management plan enabling peace of mind and helping prevent potential complications down the track.

AFP helps our clients protect their legacy by providing advice for strategic estate planning. AFP caters for our client’s wealth management goals, providing solutions based on specific individual, family, and business needs.

Estate Planning Firm Sydney

Estate Planning to help protect your legacy

Estate Planning is more than just having a will. A sound estate plan ensures your wealth is transferred smoothly and is taxed effectively. At AFP, our advisors appreciate the intricacies that Estate Planning may encounter and can provide the right planning solutions based on the specific needs of our clients, so we can help you grow and protect your legacy.

Estate Planning Services Sydney

Succession Planning

AFP helps our clients prepare an optimal succession plan to enable smooth transitions and lower the possibility of disruption to operations. By planning well in advance, AFP can help you maximise the value of your business and ensure future objectives are met.

Estate Administration

Each estate is unique, so it is important to understand the specific steps and legal requirements. AFP is here to ensure all requirements are met and the administration process is as smooth as possible.

Beneficiary Advice

AFP provides advice on what it means to be a beneficiary, what is required by beneficiaries and what is involved in managing and finalising an estate.

Charitable Legacy

If you have received a legacy, you may decide that you would like to donate a part of it to charity. AFP assists our clients in ensuring their objectives are executed in a tax-effective manner.

Powers of Attorney

AFP can assist you to decide whom you are going to appoint as your attorney and help you through the procedure of what powers to provide the attorney, and prepare the documents for you as well as witness your signature.

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Our accountants and specialist advisors have a deep understanding of the tech sector with several years of helping IT businesses from startup to exit.

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Providing accounting, specialist tax and advisory services to professionals, from professionals.


Our specialists have deep insights, specific to the accounting and wealth-building concerns of legal professionals and practices.


Helping medical specialists manage cashflow, optimise tax, and run a smoother practice.


We have extensive experience helping manufacturing businesses meet the demands of such a unique industry through our accounting, advisory and tax services.


We help leading professionals in the building and construction industry with systems and strategies to help you take control of your own growth.

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From set up and ongoing management, to wind up, we are able to assist you with things you may not have even considered an Accountant could help you with.

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Discover more about how we help organisations thrive and grow in what can be sometimes uncertain business conditions. From Financial Advisory to Virtual CFO services and Estate Planning, AFP is here to help.
AFP offers numerous tax services to ensure clients keep up with complex changes in tax regulation. Our specialist skills and ongoing innovation help clients with tax responsibilities, locally and globally.

Financial Advisory

AFP helps clients build long-term financial value through a wide range of financial advisory services with a specific focus on restructuring, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Audit and Assurance

AFP delivers business improvements beyond statutory obligation and compliance by ensuring we have up-to-date knowledge about recent regulatory and legislative changes and reporting requirements.


With strategic consulting tailored to a client’s specific business objectives, we aim to be a trusted advisor to our clients to help them navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and build a better business.

Virtual CFO

Access our high level financial management expertise to move your business forward and stay on track financially.


Unlock your potential with efficient commercial and personal loan support and guidance. AFP is here to make the personal and commercial loan process easier for our clients.

Estate Planning

AFP helps our clients protect their legacy by providing advice for strategic estate planning and cater for our client’s wealth management goals.

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