Audit and Assurance Services

Identify risks and assess the management of these risks through checking on procedures and processes.

Audit and assurance are about authenticating successes and challenges. AFP delivers business improvements beyond statutory obligation and compliance by ensuring we have up-to-date knowledge about recent regulatory and legislative changes and reporting requirements.

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Unlocking valuable insights into your business

With an increasingly strict and frequently changing regulatory environment, there is a growing demand for organisations to provide transparent and reliable financial information to stakeholders. Decision-makers need timely, reliable information from a trusted advisor. We provide insights and deliver tailored business solutions beyond statutory obligation and compliance.

Audit and Assurance Services Sydney
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Audit of Associations & Co-Operatives

Co-operatives need to keep written financial records to accurately record and explain transactions, their financial position, and overall performance. These records must enable financial statements to be prepared and audited. Consult with AFP regarding your reporting requirements and obligations.

Audit of Real-Estate Trust Accounts

Real estate audits are an important part of most organisations’ financial planning. AFP can help you understand the requirements when opening a trust account and under what conditions your trust account needs to be audited. We guide you through the process and can conduct the audit on your behalf.

Audit of Solicitors, Barristers & Conveyancers Trust Accounts

Lawyers and barristers who maintain trust accounts to handle trust money on behalf of their clients need to undergo an annual audit of their trust accounts. AFP can audit the trust accounts and determine whether the practice during the time of examination has complied with the relevant legislation, regulations and any legal rules relating to how the law practices handling trust money.

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Our accountants and specialist advisors have a deep understanding of the tech sector with several years of helping IT businesses from startup to exit.

Financial services

Providing accounting, specialist tax and advisory services to professionals, from professionals.


Our specialists have deep insights, specific to the accounting and wealth-building concerns of legal professionals and practices.


Helping medical specialists manage cashflow, optimise tax, and run a smoother practice.


We have extensive experience helping manufacturing businesses meet the demands of such a unique industry through our accounting, advisory and tax services.


We help leading professionals in the building and construction industry with systems and strategies to help you take control of your own growth.

Business Owners

From set up and ongoing management, to wind up, we are able to assist you with things you may not have even considered an Accountant could help you with.

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Information that is provided on this website is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate, but information may become outdated as legislation and new government announcements are made. Individuals should not rely on this information to make a financial investment decision as it does not take into account their personal circumstance. Before making any decisions, we recommend you consult a licensed advisor to take into account your particular financial situations and needs.

Other services

Discover more about how we help organisations thrive and grow in what can be sometimes uncertain business conditions. From Financial Advisory to Virtual CFO services and Estate Planning, AFP is here to help.

AFP offers numerous tax services to ensure clients keep up with complex changes in tax regulation. Our specialist skills and ongoing innovation help clients with tax responsibilities, locally and globally.

Financial Advisory

AFP helps clients build long-term financial value through a wide range of financial advisory services with a specific focus on restructuring, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Audit and Assurance

AFP delivers business improvements beyond statutory obligation and compliance by ensuring we have up-to-date knowledge about recent regulatory and legislative changes and reporting requirements.


With strategic consulting tailored to a client’s specific business objectives, we aim to be a trusted advisor to our clients to help them navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and build a better business.

Virtual CFO

Access our high level financial management expertise to move your business forward and stay on track financially.


Unlock your potential with efficient commercial and personal loan support and guidance. AFP is here to make the personal and commercial loan process easier for our clients.

Estate Planning

AFP helps our clients protect their legacy by providing advice for strategic estate planning and cater for our client’s wealth management goals.

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